Saturday, April 28, 2007

"O" Dark 30 Paddle

Perfect weather - Got out for a 2 hour early morning paddle (beat the wind) as the wind was building out of the west. Followed up with an hour walk to the local coffee shop for a mocha and bagel. It was great to get out there after the rainy and 40 degree weather of late.

Kids slept in - then it was off to look at dogs at our local animal shelters. Searching for the perfect pup or ole salty sea dog... We'll know when we find the right one.

We are planning a family paddle tomorrow. Weather man is sending us some good paddling and some even better weather.

Tomorrow is the first anniversary of my mom's passing. Paddling Fowler Lake where some of her ashes are spread may be in order. Have to see what everyone is thinking.

Hey Mom, Thanks for everything! - Bri


Kristen said...

We'll be thinking of you, Brian.

Silbs said...

A perfect day indeed