Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Moose Over

The next best thing, reading about it:
I've signed up for a Quetico / Boundary waters newsletter. This is what they are reporting:

Spring is one of the best times for viewing wildlife in the canoe country and on the Gunflint Trail. It feels like all of the animals are out gathering and greeting each other after the long winter.

Moose have suddenly re-appeared, wolf pups were spotted alongside the Trail, and even bears have been seen in the ditches. Fox and grouse are popping up everywhere and the loons have announced their return by singing their beautiful song. Ducks are splashing in the open water and birds are forever chatting to each other in the treetops.

How cool is that? Can't wait to get up there this summer.
Spring is the time for cleansing the earth and soul when fresh starts and new beginnings are made possible by the sun's healing touch. - Voyageur Susan MP Prom


Silbs said...

Whoa. while photographing in Glacier National Park, the ranger told me to stop worrying about the grizzlies so much and to fear the moose. He said that once angered, they are relentless in their attacks.

DaveO said...

This is true. I was on Isle Royale 30 years ago and had a army web belt rigged as a hip belt on my pack frame. Bullwinkle and I came face to face on the trail and I couldn't get that damn little rectangle out of the slot in the belt to dump the pack and run. I finally just dove into the brush pack and all and Bullwinkle never broke stride on the trail. His neck was engorged to double its normal size and he had one thing on his mind!