Monday, April 30, 2007

Beautiful day

Up early and caught this sunrise on Rock Lake. Couldn't pry the girls out of bed after our late night movie extravaganza, so I paddled alone. What a beautiful morning.

I was hoping that Chris would be out paddling. He paddles a C1 most of the time. Makes for a good workout and it is fun trying to hang with him. So I paddled my Summersong the fastest canoe I have. I started with my epic comp. carbon kayak paddle. Chris didn't show, so I switched out and went back to my Bell Carbon bent shaft single blade.
I think I'm a canoeist.

I've been paddling single blade exclusively this season. If I had any kayaking skills, I've lost them. I'm faster with the kayak paddle in the short term, but for comfort, I'm a single blade man.

Didn't get the hours of paddling I wanted to get in this weekend. Girls were focused on getting a dog and hanging with their cousins. (Still on the search for the perfect pup)

We did go for a long walk and did walk out to the point on Fowler Lake where Grandma's ashes are. That was pretty cool.

It was a beautiful day - The Capt'n

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Dawn (aka SandyBottom) said...

Sometime life just makes it hard to find those 4 hours or so to get in a long paddle. I didn't get mine in this weekend either. There is always next weekend!