Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Keep it moving

Dropping in after the last portage we hit our stride. We were within hours of the finish, totally in sync and keeping the boat moving. The GPS was giving us good feed back. I commented to Mark, " I'm paddling with one arm and eating a piece of chicken, and were still going 6.2 mph".

Having never been on a cruise ship, I imagine that Mark's floating buffet was any cruise ship's buffet equal. I was introduced to "Cheese Its", (now my best friend ) along with this very good tasting energy drink "Emer'gen-C" a fizzy drink mix (a super energy booster). It has all the good stuff that an aging sea dog needs... Glucosamine, Chondroitin and lots of minerals. And it tastes good warm.

We had pretty much settled in for 3rd boat in, as we had not scene the team of Bob-Mike and/or George-Melissa in quite a while. When we came around a bend in the river and got a glimpse George and Melissa. We already had the boat moving pretty good. A quick glance from Mark and a brief discussion, "Lets reel them in"; We were now hauling ass.

We held a pace in the high 6's low 7's for the next hour and a half to blow right by them as they had pulled over to stretch there legs. I don't think they ever saw us coming. Mark steered a course going right around an island and they went left. I think George was taken back a bit by our brisk pace. We never looked back and ended up the second boat in. Bob and Mike in a Kruger Cruiser had arrived 45 minutes earlier and were waiting on the shore for our arrival. It was a great run down a grand river.

The festivities at the finish line were hoping. Good food and a lot of spectators. Hung out with the small contingent of WaterTribers had a couple of barley pops and watched the H.H. Challenge presentation.

Steve (Kneadingwater) is a character. He had some great stories of the last Everglades Challenge. It was great to see him here.

The event and weekend were winding down. What a wonderful experience and so many great people supporting the Verlen Kruger Memorial. A dip of the paddle to the race director Dan Smith and all the volunteers! I'll be back again to do this event.
Outstanding day on the river. - The Capt'n


Silbs said...

Congrats on a fine race and an interesting posting. How many Advil did you take this morning?

Capt'n "O" Dark 30 said...

No advil -self medicated - beer and "whine"