Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The stories start to unfold

A great shot of Team RAF and how they cut down an old C-scow sail I donated to the team

Manitucruiser - Finished up around 2200hrs. He was on track to set a new class lll record. The conditions were rough heading from Flamingo to Key Largo. So it was slow going. We'll have to wait for the official posting by Chief. Manitucruiser sets record class lll !

Wizard - He is a maniac still underway in his 8 foot pram Sand Flea. The word on the big pond is he is in between Flamingo and Key Largo heading towards the finish. Wizard is in Key Largo!

SandyBottom - Taking the Wilderness Waterway steady as she goes, from chicky to chicky paddle camping her way to Flamingo. Going this route adds 30 or so extra miles to the course.

KiwiBird - adhoc team with SandyBottom. Enjoying the same experience!

Team RAF- Those crazy wacky (aerospace engineers) kids. From homeless to heroes, you have to visit their blog... or wait for the movie to come out, a great story in the making. They are at Flamingo CP3 from what was posted late last night. Hell or high water ( they have experienced both) they are destine to finish. Team RAF is in Key Largo!

For those at the finish - Cocktails and Dreams, Tall Tales and Toasts - What a ride! - Capt'n

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