Friday, March 9, 2007

Lost - Not!

A great picture of the diversity of boats in the Everglades Challenge - Up on the beach far left a Kruger Sea Wind - Lower left 8' Sand Flea Pram - 2 Wa'apa canoes.

The question is: Where were SandyBottom and KiwiBird, we saw them just a few minutes ago?

The Wilderness Waterway, she's a tricky one... they are safe and sound resting up at CP3 for the last push, 12 -16 hour paddle to finish. Girl Power!!


The fun continues as we head into an action packed weekend in Madison. Canoecopia is billed out as the largest paddling expo in the world. Lets just say it is a huge venue with lots of cool people to hang out with that paddle a lot... Tons of gear to check out and food... yum.

We (MadCity Paddlers) will have a booth, promoting our club approach to paddling " Paddle once, eat twice" philosophy. Stop on by... we have candy to hand out

If your head is about to explode due to the crowds. - but you can't get enough

Swing by the Paddl'n Shop - extremely helpful staff, hot coffee, great deals on all in stock items. Tell'em the Capt'n sent ya! Hopefully they wont hold it against you... :-)

You know what the say - Cash or credit, you can't paddle either of them. - Carl Busjahn

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