Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Side tracked

Marissa and Misty - Who's walking who
Watertown Challenge

Misty -96lbs of love

Got a little side tracked with the loss of our dog "Misty". She is truly going to be missed. She was not a certified therapy dog, but I was able to use her in the Johnson Creek School District as part of a tension reduction program I was facilitating for challenged/adjudicated youth. It was great, cause I was able to bring her to work with me going from school to school. People that are still at the agency I work that knew "Misty" were truly moved by her passing. She was a part of so many peoples lives.

The EC- still rocking and rolling

Weather has really added another dynamic to this year's challenge. I received some great photos of team "RAF". If this challenge interests you at all, go to the Everglades Challenge website and read some of the posts from the challengers as they work their way down to Key Largo.

Some great pictures courtesy of Foster Photography

Weather breezy and 4' chop to boot

Manitucruiser has his work cut out for him as he works his way into a stiff headwind. Thirty miles or so to go under paddle. Postings indicate he is well rested and enjoying every minute of it! Wizard is out there as well in comfort, working his way around in an 8' pram.

SandyBottom and KiwiBird are going down the Wilderness Waterway. looks like they have their wilderness waterway permit and are underway. Team RAF under sail staying outside keeping it moving towards CP 3.

This has been so much fun to follow. Everyone with their own personal adventure. How cool is that!

I'm really miss my dog. - Capt'n

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