Saturday, March 31, 2007

Morning molasses

Girls were shuffling around like it was the weekend or something and we had nothing to do. Laura and I got in an hour run and a 1/2 hour blast in the Bell Mystic before the rain came in. Girls were moving like molasses on a cold winter's morning.

Setting up the boat.

Mounting the GPS.

Laura takes the Captain's seat.

Laura back in the Stoker seat.

Out playing on Rock Lake.

Went back to WallyWorld (Walmart) and picked up a new digital camera. My little Samsung is just too fuzzy with the scratched lens and moisture in the lens.


Silbs said...

Good paddling and good fathering...hats off to you, my man.

Kristen said...

And the difference in the photo quality is fantastic! You're really quite good-looking, Capt'n ;)