Sunday, April 1, 2007

Sleeping Beautifuls

Well the girls were bummed as the weather went bad and it started raining by the time they got moving this morning. Glad I got out early for a quick paddle.

So paddling with them on our favorite route to the Kiltie Drive-in, was postponed. But, somehow our SUV managed to find its way there anyway, ice-cream was happily shared by all.

There is a review of foods eaten while expedition paddling on the WaterTribe site as I write. Though my top notch researchers have found secret blogs - I wont mention any names - cough cough- (KiwiBird)(SandyBottom) that ice cream is on the menu on such a trip like the Everglades Challenge.

So I got the ice-cream thing down, now for the paddling - The Capt'n

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