Saturday, March 31, 2007

Somebody alert the media

I received the rough cut DVD of the 2007 WaterTribe Everglades Challenge in the mail yesterday. Pretty excited to see the tribe in action, I popped it in. Daughters Emily and Marissa where there for the viewing. Thanks Stan for taking the time to get the tribe in action and sending me a copy... most appreciated!

To my amazement, my oldest daughter (Emily) was completely taken in by the DVD. ( she has told me time and time again she doesn't like paddling... Clarification Dad - paddling in circles on our lake going nowhere. )

I may need to re-think my adventure-paddling strategy for the summer. It would appear she has been re-bitten by the adventure bug. Here is a picture of Emily paddling the Sun Velocity.

Now "Boo" - she is ready to go any time anywhere for any reason. She reminds me (allot) that I have not taken her on any of PEAK Camp's International Adventures. She would have gone to Belize last year on the Eco-tech camp, if she had not dislocated her knee ( in a immobilizer for 3 months - how soon they forget ).

I reminded her, tough to hump a pack in the jungle with a hip to toe brace on. Here is a picture of her on the Vermillion River working a checkpoint during the Mid-America Xtreme MAX race. Best volunteer I ever had!

I am so mis-understood - The Capt'n

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