Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Bird and the Bottom

Kiwibird and SandyBottom have finished! Now I can enjoy Canoecopia with out worrying whether or not I missed something with the people I was following!

Speaking of Canoecopia. I was there last night - There is a bit of a buzz around the event over at the Hobie booth. Good stuff!

Met up with Scareman from the Tribe last night from dinner. Good times! He is on the hunt for a new boat for EC 2008. I'm putting him in the SeaWind tomorrow morning for a blast either on the Yahara or Oconomowoc River.

Today - early morning paddle, back to Canoecopia, then off to the season opener WKCR race in the afternoon - then my favorite pass time - the annual MadCity Paddlers spaghetti dump.

Paddle once eat twice - MadCity Paddlers

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