Sunday, March 11, 2007


Scareman from Watertribe
test driving the Sea Wind on
Yahara River in Madison WI

Recap the EC
Got a chance to meet up with Landis and Scareman, both who made it down for the start of the Everglades Challenge. Interesting perspectives from the spectator and sponsorship crowd. Hats off to Etchemin who was in a power boat. Landis and company were very appreciative of his hospitality of getting out on the water to watch the event.

Ready "Wet" Go
The WKCR season opener (run what you brung kayak /canoe race was a lot of fun.) I did not race, but assisted in time keeping. From concrete canoes to carbon fiber assembled for the mass start. Weather was perfect, price was right - "free" and group is light hearted and friendly. Nice effort Kevin for hosting a fun event!

Kruger experience
Scareman and I will get out this morning for a couple hours on the Yahara River. Brad aka (Scareman) is setting his sights on the EC next year and is interested in paddling a Sea Wind after going to to Verlen Kruger presentation yesterday.

I'm manning the MadCity Paddlers booth at noon--- and working with Chris to update the new and approved Website for the club. It is going to be very nice out... gonna be hard to come off the water.

Leaving all cash and credit cards at home- A new boat, more gear... I'd have a lot of explaining to do. - Capt'n

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