Friday, October 18, 2013

adventure... settle in

The Gwaii Haanas in the Killer Whale Month (Sgaana Gyaas) from Doi Nomazi (TraveloTherapy) on Vimeo.


Doi Nomazi said...

Thank you for the post! One more paddling video, following the same idea...

"Bluie East Two - 2014" is a 151 minute long video diary filmed on our paddling journey on the magical east coast of Greenland.

Although you will continue to relax in the comfort of your favorite couch, this rather long video diary will bring you to each and every step of the endeavor, from the planning stage, to the post-scriptum. You'll be able to share the pain and the joy of the two nomads, their silly bad acting and the victories of solid team work.

This video diary is also a humble tribute to the Esprit de Corps, team work and, above all, to all the men and women in uniform.

Are you ready? Welcome aboard the "U-Boat", a Long Haul Mark II Commando tandem kayak!

Please, sing along, because the two nomads sure need a lot of help singing... :)

(completed and published on Veterans Day 2014)

Doi Nomazi said...

The most recent episode of the ongoing journey at:

Thank you.