Saturday, July 5, 2014

MR340 2014 and beyond - let the big waters flow!!

By God people, you're still coming to my blog? I've taken a bit if a sabbatical on the personal blog - I mean how many times can I write about paddling around Rock Lake anyway; I mean, somebody might hurt themselves if I keep THAT up.

I have been doing some writing on the Kruger Canoes Blog for various events challenges and functions, which brings me to the point, I'm back on the water in the MR 340 2014. With the apprentice blogging program complete I hand the reins over to Michael Stacy and Pat to cover the MR 340; Team Kruger is well represented: solo female, solo male, coed tandem division, male tandem division and the multi crew 6 person OC 6. - this ordeal is going to be a regular hoot'n nanny I tell ya.

So swing on over to or follow us on Facebook; we're sure to entertain. also you can go to the official tracking site at and look me up there - boat number 0017

paddle paddle The Capt'n

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