Thursday, April 26, 2012

Emotional stir - part 4

There is something magical about roof tops; like cresting a hill and seeing the valley below, roof tops give you a unique advantage point. ~ a sense of accomplishment. Marissa and I find ourselves on-top of the Hurricane Restaurant quite often during our visits.

To the west the sea - to the east the ICW and beautiful homes; I wonder who lives there; I wonder what types of lives they lead; I wonder who invented the zipper and was the button guy abase? I shake off my disconnect and rejoin the masses.

Late afternoon arrivals, Grandpa Jesse and Charlotte have made the arduous journey up from Naples; the mean streets of Tampa - advantage 1, Grandpa 0 as they got turned around and got lost. Hugs and kisses ensue, good food and great conversation, they decide to stay the night as an opportunity to see us off tomorrow.

A long walk after dinner down to islands end makes for perfect closure to the day; we sit, we chat, we go big, we order ice-cream.  It's a late night we almost make 9:30pm before turning in.

to be continued...

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