Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Emotional Stir - part 1

As the weary sleep, I am comforted by my thoughts; I immediately go to fond memories of trips past; the hours and miles click by, fuel purchased fuel spent; road trip treats within arms reach, these are great days my friend; We are jolly bluewater giants traversing the earth. A full moon golden in color lights the way.

Decision time; meeting of the minds called to order. Do we go the long and winding road south through Alabama or do we throw caution to the wind and go through Chicago and Atlanta? Took about two seconds to decide. Those that are awake vote; unanimously decided, we head for the road less traveled; Boo awakes, "where are we, what time is it?"...

This ended up being an outstanding decision, no traffic, no tolls, no hassle and the Alabama countryside beautiful.. Who'd a thought they had paved roads in Alabama? We took the 110 out of Montgomery which offered small towns and scenic countryside.

A thousand mile + day of driving put us deep in the south east of Alabama, we car camped at a truck stop which offered 24 hour bathrooms and coffee. I never met a friendlier bunch of people, it was like we were their guests. I don't recall the name of the town as I was suffering from a severe case of white line fever, but it could easily be renamed Hospitality -ville.

A quick 4 hour nap and we were roadworthy again; is it too early for peach pie?

to be continued...

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