Monday, April 16, 2012

Emotional Stir - part 1

My earliest recollection of the water is at age 3; standing in a wading pool behind my grandfather's house with a garden hose in my hand. This would be the start of my fascination with sea; This is why we are headed south to the gulf; Youngest daughter in tow, packing heavy for comfort, timing couldn't be better . The sea beckons, paradise lies waiting. This is going to be a great trip.

Road tripping in a beat up jeep is priceless; driver's window held up by a fork wedge in the framework; radio stolen years ago, cracks in the windshield like lines on a chart showing us the way. Sixteen dollar pipe rack secures a boat twice its value; our hope chest filled with excitement as we head out before the dawn. Kick the tires check the oil, let the adventure begin.

The 3:00am start was a bold move, one never knows how a teen age girl of 15 will respond to, "it's time to get up and go". What makes this note worthy, is my travel companion is up and ready; she figured it out, the quicker she gets in the jeep the sooner she can fall back to sleep and like a sweater on the third date, we're off.

to be continued...

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