Monday, May 23, 2011


Finally got some warm weather; Koa all tuckered out after a big game of fetch. Time to do some paddling.
Boo working it up river on the Oconomowoc river; we're on the section between Fowler Lake and Oconomowoc Lake, a favorite section as there is always frozen custard involved.
Some open water paddling across Fowler lake; There is a rudder on the QCC 500 so Marissa can swing a single blade; 80 degrees and loving it.

Toby turned me on to the Cooke Custom tarp; he had one when we were down in Pass A Grille and made for an enjoyable evening getting shelter from the rain. I set it up with canoe paddles to see if it was function able without having to bring additional poles along; I like items that have more then one purpose. It worked pretty well with the Kelty low-rider chair, traditional chair made it too low.

I did pick up one of those sand mats for trips on the Wisconsin River and other sandy destinations; also picked up this cool aluminium folding table ( these are not race / challenge equipment, they are creature comforts, no debris huts for these ole bones.) But still able to carry with ease for paddling trips.

Sheer coincidence that Dawn and i have the same title for our posts... too funny!!

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