Sunday, April 24, 2011

Camp Wanapitei

The VII canoe trip highlighted in Emma's documentary style video is offered by a canoe tripping camp (Wanapitei) in northern Ontario. Camp Wanapitei - Click here

It's the pinnacle trip offered to 18 year olds, most of whom have been going to the camp since the age of 10-12. As they return year after year during their formative years, they progress to more and more difficult trips.

They experience their first whitewater trip at 14, first month long trip at 14/15, first river trip with an ocean paddle at 16, then take a one month leadership training course at 17 in addition to a highly intensive 28 day whitewater trip, and it's all topped off at 18 with VII (which stands for voyageur 2 month).

It's an amazing camp that offers such a wonderful opportunity to young adults. It's a rather tight knit community too, 8 of them from the group were hired on as 'interns' for next summer and in all likelihood in about 7 years two of them will have made it through and will become trip leaders themselves, taking out their own groups.

Once again the Capt'n has been schooled; and loving it. You're never too old to join in on a summer camp!! For the V2 video - Click here

Thanks Emma for all the info!!

The Capt'n

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sandy said...

This is amazing! Every kid should have the opportunity to do these kinds of things!! Thanks for sharing :)