Monday, November 8, 2010

Rural Legends

Out of the mist and on to Rock Lake legends are made; Ghosting out on to the water Chris "solo freak" Ransom arrives in high style sporting a We C1, silly ole bear. "Looks kinda tippy to me, where's your jacket?

As luck would have it wind pumping out of the South pushing chop into the sea wall, Chris goes for a swim in about 3 feet of water. Not completely soaked but made for a bone chilling paddle; at 29 degrees - these things never happen at the end of the paddle always just as your setting off. Chris ponders, "I wonder if I should change out clothes, naw I'll paddle and keep warm"

A case for proper gear for sure; cotton t shirt and blue jeans did not help the situation, we paddled on into the wind to catch the break from the windward shore line.

About 10 minutes into the paddle I was digging into my day bag pulling out gloves and a windbreaker and heat packs; an hour in to the paddle we were thinking warm toasty coffee shop and double mocha espressos. Chris was trying to man up and discount his splash, turning down the heat packs but taking the jacket and gloves... Too little too late, time to get off the water.

70+ degrees in the coffee shop and 4 coffees later his shivering subsided; Chris was never in any real danger an expert in harsh conditions; holds the world's record in 24 hour cross country skiing, somewhere around 200 miles.

Chris is actually the person that gave the Capt'n the Capt'n of the O dark 30 "handle" back in the day when I first got into paddling more then just child's play - Ah when the student becomes the master.

Known for my pre-dawn morning paddles - "Ah what secret pleasures does an early morning paddle bring to the Captain of the O Dark 30" - Solo Freak

The Capt'n

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