Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A memory without anywhere to stay.

Taken with my cell phone camera I walked the trail around Aztalan State Park; Erie feeling dropping into the river valley were 1000 years ago an Indian nation just disappeared - vanishes leaving unsolved mysteries; Your mind begins to play games in the wanning light.
I felt a little uneasy walking around tonight.
Koa stops looking down trail, I couldn't make anything out in the darkness. Koa drops down ears alert eyes focused. "*hit!" My heart begins to pound, I drop down. I certainly don't need to come upon some hunters illegally hunting on state park land. Why would they, then why wouldn't they, I did see a truck down by the Drumlin Trail head.
Koa sits up as if there is someone approaching ears perked fur up on her back, tail begins to wag, but I see not hear not; squinting I strain to make something out. I feel a warm easy breeze and it passes, Koa turns as to follow the breeze, I call out her name - she does not respond, she trots off as to be with someone, but there is nothing there.
I bushwhack a short section link up with the trail and head towards the jeep, screw this I thought, this is one freakish moment my pace quickens. I arrive at the jeep, a lone eagle feather under the wiper blade awaits my arrival, Koa laying in the tall grass. Sweet Judy, I awake it's only a dream - click here
The Capt'n

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sandy said...

Sweet sweet Dream!!