Monday, September 27, 2010

Adventure on

R&D Team - Destination Belize

The cats out of the bag so to speak; been working diligently with our friends down in Belize to pull together Adventure International, an adventure based travel company focusing on a variety of epic life enhancing experiences. Canoeing kayaking sailing diving fishing caving hiking are on the list.

What makes us different is we plan to personally introduce you to some of the smaller unique venues, traditional destinations where the hosts will know you by name, you will feel at home as you explore and challenge yourself to see all that is Belize. Our desire is to slow things down get you on Belizean time.

Our website went live a couple days ago, obviously a lot more content to add as we develop adventures, but non-the-less it is up and functional.

I will have my SPOT navigation on and tracking, for those that want to follow along as we stealth camp, 5 star jungle lodge and meander our way around the country. More to follow...

Just like life, a work in progress - The Capt'n

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