Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Let it snow let it snow let it snow...

Great day to be out playing in the snow! We got hit with lots of snow anywhere from 10" to 14 " out by us. The worry is the dropping temps. It will be 30 degrees colder by morning and that plays havoc on all sorts of things. Especially the roadways. Lots of expanding and contracting going on... Pot Hole City!!

Trees are covered and so is most everything else. Beautiful to look at but heavy snow like this takes down branches and even trees. We lost a blue spruce at our office today. Almost took out a maintenance worker in the process. When the wind picks up tonight, snow laden trees come a tumbling down!
Spoke with Mark over in Irons, MI. He's in for more of the same. With lake effect snow off of Lake Michigan he's looking at another 18" to fall. He's doing some cross training... shovel shovel! -
Believe me it is wet and heavy! Poor Bas.....

Mark was last seen curled up in the fetal position near a ragging wood fire. We spoke only for a moment as Mama P had just made him some hot cocoa and got him some dry socks and jammies.

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