Sunday, November 22, 2009

Banner Day

A banner day out on the bay. Weather is fantastic with a light off shore breeze. Back in the Kayak single blading it. I was a little rusty yesterday pretty protective of my hernia repairs. Today felt really good, pushing it a bit getting the boat up to speed.
I'm a heck of a lot faster in a kayak, just wish they were more comfortable. I did have a guy ask me why I wasn't using a kayak paddle when I went under Goose Pond Bridge. My response was easy; "I suck at kayaking, but can hold my own in a canoe" Man I felt good out on the water today!
Key to single blading a kayak, don't think of it being a kayak, just a really uncomfortable canoe!! No really, drop your paddle shaft length down a couple inches. I throw a 48" around pretty effortlessly.
Kayak vs. canoe; Kind a like a house, a poorly built live aboard yacht. - The Capt'n

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