Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nighty night part 2

After an invigorating night paddle where the girls struggled at first with their night vision and there inability to paddle and talk at the same time, ( :^/ it was time to practice some rescues, recoveries and just have some fun on the water...

We practiced, and we practiced. The girls now have been run through a series of recovery scenarios and feel confident they can recover gear and themselves in a safe efficient manner. We do too. Having made a game of it, the instruction went pretty fast.

Here is a shot of a single person rescue, loss of paddle and recovery. Yeah the lake is pretty calm, but there was a light off shore breeze that let the girls know in a hurry a that the cruiser can drift away pretty fast. Solution: Stay with the boat, don't loose your paddle!!

Pretty proud of themselves, we're forced to endure and adventure to Lake Mills Country days, where the lemonade is 3 bucks and a corn dog / funnel cake with cost you a ten spot. Sweet revenge is when the girls after their second "scrambler ride" had them singing the blues. Not sure if it was the feast or the rides, but we had sour stomachs.

Notice the stirrup (rope) attached at the portage yoke. This proved extremely valuable for the girls when getting back into the boat.

We also got out on the river in the heat of the day, to see how everyone could cope. High eighties and a beating sun with lots of humidity. Even Koa got into it. She rode with Marissa and Hannah as there was shade in the cruiser.

The significance of this paddle was heat, minimal sleep and being very tired. The heat was an issue as the girls became too hot with their life jackets on. We need to look into some options, mandaory life jackets on the Missouri 340.

Tommy paddled my Sea Wind for the first time and loved it, I paddled the Sawyer.

Also at 12:o8 am as we were night paddling Tommy got an email (he goes nowhere with out his Blackberry) Confirmed another $2000.00 in pledges for Susan G. Komen by corporate sponsor E.L.M. consulting. We set a staggering goal of $10.000.00 between the two girls; we're more then half way there.

Outstanding!! - The Capt'n


John said...

Sounds great. But, 'heat of the day', 'high eighties', man... it's 105 here today...

Captn O Dark 30 and Super Boo said...

well for wisconsin, 105 degrees, people die and and goverment shuts down..