Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring has arrived

Saturday brought cool temperatures early in the morning and a dusting of snow. Koa and I hit the trail and hiked around for awhile waiting for the warmth of the sun to crest the ridge. What a morning to hump around in the woods, beautiful!
I grabbed a coffee and headed into Madison and met up with John at the Paddlin' Shop. We dropped the Sea Wind in for a test paddle. - He likely!!

John has been bitten more then once by the WaterTribe bug, following along online as the event unfolds year after year; 2010 may be his year. We'll see...
It got well into the 60's late afternoon so I dropped into the mill pond and took a couple of laps. Man the pond was alive; Spring has arrived. The sounds of nature, ducks geese cranes all announcing their presence.
I went out into the main section of the lake. The ice had receded quite a bit and I was going to try to make it around skirting the shoreline. I got into a narrow section and could see the ice shifting towards me. I was paddling in 3 feet of water so there was no danger; though it took me some time to get turned around and get headed back to the landing.
The ice had shifted with the southern breeze and it pushed up on to the north end of the lake. Upon my return home, my neighbor Pete said he saw a lone ice fisherman out for one last jig of the rod. From what he could see, he had no safety measures. Hopefully he made it off with out incident?
Crazy... The Capt'n

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Silbs said...

Fear of shifting ice is one of the things that kept us off the water so many times this winter. We once did get temporarily trapped from landing and never want to face that again.