Monday, February 16, 2009

We're Close....

With the official start of paddling right around the corner - Gates opening at Canoecopia - (largest paddling expo I have ever seen), Boo and I got an early start on the ice-cream / custard season.
We managed to hit multiple ice cream parlors over the weekend, but wait in anticipation for the Kiltie Drive-in to open. Much like the drive-in diners of the 50's, you pull up and choose your food and car hop bolts to your car and takes your order. Quite the gathering place for the young at heart.
We were already to paddle, but a stiff bone chilling breeze this weekend kept us off the water. Instead I helped Boo pick out supplies for her science project / presentation and made a day trip to the Wisconsin Dells for the fun and excitement of Mount Olympus Water Park.
We had 9 cherubs with us, 8 of which were under 7 years of age, 5 adults to supervise. One thing about the Wisconsin Dells... perfect in the off season, no crowds to deal with but still very expensive. Boo did laps in the lazy river working on her hand paddling skills, Dad did 16oz curls at $5.25 at barely pop.
"Two Kiltie Burgers, onion rings and a chocolate malt please" - The Capt'n


Silbs said...

Come on down here where we have the real stuff...custard which, by law, must have a certain amount of butter fat. No sitting around for years waiting for those arteries to harden. You're a goner by time your 50.

SandyBottom said...

Funny, that sounds like my WaterTribe training this year, all about the ice cream. I don't know much about custard, sounds like I'm missing something.