Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rants and Raves

Well, looks like AIT is not happening anytime soon. Sure was fun following along as the Nay-Sayer's, dreamers and skippers bantered their way to a no show for the start.

The "Bear" is a ten footer that was built and is on the water, but far from a reality to head around the world in a race. So to the "Bear" and her skipper, like so many adventurers before her, if your dream is to be realized. sailing blue water will be alone.

The website is calling for any skipper of any yacht size multi or mono to contact them if they want escort and support around the world. --I turn my compass bezel to and set browzer to "Eye on the World"

The "Eye on the World" is PEAK CAMP on steroids and then some. I urge you to look at their around the world adventure in the name of education and support them anyway you can.

Here is the teaser:

EYE of the World is an interactive traveling classroom. Through the use of modern technology, students at home will be able to follow and communicate with a circumnavigating sailboat in real time - and through this connection explore the world in a way never before possible.

THE VOYAGE BEGINS … NOVEMBER 2nd 2009 - The Capt'n

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