Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Beautiful Workmanship

Kialoa Hybrid Paddles

A visionary pairing of wood's natural flex and shock absorption with a durable, lightweight, wood-core composite blade, Dave Chun's original hybrid paddle concept is now the sport's standard.

KIALOA hybrids give paddlers a competitive edge with a 10-degree laminated Lo-Fat shaft and a hand-shaped Ergo-T top, weighing just 15-18 ounces.

Well Dave at Kialoa has out done himself with his response to support Boo and Hannah in the MR340. Dave sent us a full set of paddles, 4 in total for the girls to train and race with. The finish is the best I've come across in a laminate blade. Outstanding!!

I really like the metal flake in the finish which adds to visibility with night paddling. We've all heard the stories of the Huki outrigger / barge incident 2 years ago. Visibility good!!

A Big Super Shaka and Mahalo to the Dave and the staff at Kialoa Paddles!! - The Capt'n

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