Sunday, October 12, 2008

Indian Summer at last

The Boo and I had a pretty busy weekend. The weather was gorgeous! Time to get out and about...

Friday Boo had surgery to have the screw in her ankle removed and was told to lay low for the weekend. So a little road trip to Concord, where we met up with an ole trapper and his re-enactment memorabilia. Quite an interesting fellow.

Emi stayed in Shorewood for the Homecoming extravaganza. Beautiful weather for it. She said she had a ball! Never did ask who won the football game.

Boo and I ended up bumping into some of the MCP paddlers on our Saturday paddle. We did an up hill paddle from Dousman on the Bark River and met them as they were coming down from lower Namahbin lake. Here Boo and I are at the put-in on Fowler Lake.

Sunday found us out on Fowler lake cruising the point and into the inlet of the Oconomowoc river. We checked out a small island I remembered as a kid and poked around among the Lilly pads. Boo loves hearing the stories almost as much as I love telling them.

Picture of Boo in the bow, as we head up the Oconomowoc river. We saw lots of fish in the shallows soaking up the warmth of the sun. No turtles this trip and no duck hunters. We ended up going paddling mid day instead of hitting it early morning.

We came across a tree full of bird houses. Looks like the tree has been dead for some time, but the owners put it to good use. I though I was in Dr. Suess's Who-ville!

Reality can be beaten with enough imagination. -Anonymous

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