Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Fun Day

Sunday turned out to be gorgeous out. I got up early and was on the water by 6:15am hoping to meet up with John from the Paddlin' Shop. We were to meet at Tenney Park at 6:00am. but I didn't make it there in time and John was already on the water. I wasn't sure which direction he went, so I rolled the dice hugged the shoreline and paddled up to picnic point... drats, John went the other way... missed him.

Glass like conditions all morning. Just as I pulled out, the wind came up. Boo had been bugging me to get her Pram out. So I headed back to Lake Mills to un-bury it under a bunch of yaks and camping gear.

It's no Matt Layden Sand Flea , but non-the-less a pram (Optimist Dinghy) all the same.

After about an hour of clean up, I stuffed myself into the pram and took her out for a spin. Not shown in this picture, but there were about 100 bass boats out on the lake in some sort of fishing jamboree. Yikes... getting crowded out here.

Sailed around for a couple of hours... hmm could get used to this sail'n around thing on a Sunday afternoon... Wonder how things are going down at Cedar Key?


Michael said...
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Michael said...

Gee, I wish you hadn't mentioned Cedar Key. How I'd love to be there right now... great little spot!

(That was me erasing the above comment. Too many spelling typos!)