Sunday, May 4, 2008

New Boat Time!

The weather was pretty nasty Saturday morning. So I hung out at the Paddlin' Shop and grabbed some lunch with the boys. On our way back from the sub shop we even saw a couple of snow flakes hit the windshield. The weatherman said high in the mid 60's for Sunday, so I sat it out and waited for the warm front to move in. Weather took a turn for the better around 4:30pm... Turned out to be a great afternoon for a paddle.

Met up with Jackie to test paddle her new Bell Merlin ll. Jackie is a convert. Normally paddles a Wilderness System s Sparrow Hawk kayak

We put in just east of Paunack Park in Squaw Bay and paddled the Yahara River down to Mud Lake. The current was ripping and the wind was stiff, so we snuck into the e-way and Nine Springs Creek.

Water levels are still pretty high in Nine Springs Creek . Jackie just clears the train trussel.

Jackie switches paddles with me and tries out the Whiskeyjack Whiskey River Paddle. Two hours later, I finally got it back. :-/ I think she is sold on it.

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