Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Manitucruiser - Super Boo - dabisuit (aka the capt'n)
What an outstanding time we had on the Everglades Challenge. Made very special by teaming up with Manitucruiser aka Mark from Kruger Canoes and my daughter Super Boo aka Marissa.
It's the people involved as much as it is the actual participation. Such inspiration. So many stories. It defines WaterTribe.
Marissa is home with her mom but is really on cloud nine. She was a true participant. No duffing on her part. In classic Super Boo form.
Happiness can be found in the most remote places with a little heart and soul - The Capt'n


greg said...

as an admirer of the tribe and in turn my nieghbors in wisconsin, may i just say thank you for taking the time to post, to comment, and to photograph your experiences. not the least, you make every effort to b a great dad. congrats on a great adventure with super boo. all 70 of the dogs here howl when i tell them you made it! greg knipe aka . redeyepaddler

Silbs said...

Kudos to you both. One for being a great daughter and one for being a great dad.bsqknd