Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Still smiling

Our return flight home was for the most quite entertaining. Boo and I had the opportunity to do 6 hours of people watching as our flight was delayed due to the 12" of snow Cleveland received the previous day.
Boo had her trademark smile and an appetite to match. We spent the better part of the day talking mostly on anything that popped into Boo's head. Her insights on the Everglades Challenge and her thoughts on life, post the event...well I hope she can put them into words. I was quite moved by them. Very insightful.
The Everglades Challenge is a grand adventure. So many different approaches to obtain the same result. Finishing. An amazing experience, it just unfolds in front of you. The freedom and perpetual motion is so pure. You feel so connected to earth, apart of it, alive.
When faced with adversity and extreme challenges, children have the ability to really shine, if you let them. - The Capt'n

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