Saturday, January 26, 2008

Large helping of

Picture from 2005 - Somethings never change.

No stranger to the buffet, I went in for a large helping of motivation this morning and I think I got it. There are some outstanding "dishes" (tales of adventure) out there to feast on.

Now into my second mug of coffee and blogging... I stare at the paddling simulator wondering if I have the moxy to put in a couple hours watching reruns of Leave it to Beaver and get a workout in?

Then like a lightening bolt, it occurs to me that the temperature has risen by nearly 30 degrees... a balmy 18 degrees Fahrenheit... sweet.

Question is, can I find open water within reach of my mug of coffee and the buffet of inspiration which is the Internet?

A jaunt outside to assess, brings an appetiser of a fresh snow fall... another 1 1/2". Just enough to breakout the snow shovel. Drats... motivation waining... more hurdles to over-come... The boathouse door is completely frozen shut and the Sea Wind is on the far side of the garage with a labyrinth of gear to navigate through.

Re-assessing... Stop the Tom Foolery, I could have had almost an hour on the paddle simulator, if it weren't for my paddle dreaming. I've wasted too much time thinking about it rather then doing it. Now I'm hungry, and Mr. Bagel calls to me...

Another hour passes...

With a click of a mouse, I wonder what Sandybottom and KiwiBird are doing? - The Capt'n

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