Sunday, January 27, 2008

A great day for...

After a slow start on Saturday morning, things began to come together once Laura got up and said she was heading out for a run. Not to be out done, I dragged the paddle simulator to the T.V. room and got in an hour and a half, some core work and a upper body strength training routine.

Sunday morning found us looking at 1 degree Fahrenheit (needed to wait to see which way the mercury was going to go), we went for breakfast and pondered the day.

Upon our return, I started boxing up gear that Boo and I sorted last week. Laura had a TriBabes meeting, but our plan was to get in another good work out. Laura returned and said she was going to put in 2 hours on the bike trainer. Yikes!! I decided to hunt for open water - I heard the Oconomowoc River was open, so I grabbed the Summersong and hit the road. Am I glad I did.

A great day for a paddle. Mid-20's and lots of sunshine. Doesn't get any better then this -January in Wisconsin.

Glassy conditions sheltered by the tree line, made for an outstanding paddle.

Met up with Brian and Dan taking advantage of the open water. Turns out they have kids. Shared some PEAK Camp stories. Looks like we may have a couple more takers for the paddle trip in June.

We made it up to the Dam on Oconomowoc Lake. Hung out on the water for awhile, the stories continued.

Heading back down river. Got in 40 minutes of intervals which turned to cruising and grabbing some pictures.

Far end of the Oconomowoc river, the Lac La Belle Cemetery. Everything so crisp and bright in the sunlight.

As the sun sets, so does the paddle. It felt so good to get out on the water today.

Perfect- The Capt'n

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