Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tragedy on the Rock River

Right here in our playground.

Two persons died and another is missing after their snowmobile fell through the ice of the Rock River.The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department says a call received last evening at 6:22 p.m. told of three people on snowmobiles falling through the ice.

The rescue squad recovered one person, a female, who was taken to Watertown Hospital and later pronounced dead. More info and a time line of the rescue can be found at: Rescue time line.

What the community is saying

Posted by: curious Location: Madison Area Even though this a terrible situation, isn't a little to early for anybody to be on the ice???

Posted by: Anonymous Location: Watretown It's never a good thing when a thing like this happens yet it happens every year. Grown adults who should know better do things that I would expect from a 5 year old. It's poor judgement.... The river was only frozen sold for a week and had snow cover. The ice was only 2" thick with 2" of snow cover. Is it worth your life to get to a bar. Hats off to every rescue worker from Johnson Creek, Lake Mills, Jefferson and other communities who put their life's on the line to rescue or recover these people who continue have poor judgement. Stay off the ice until it's really safe! It's sad but a fact.

Posted by: A Friend Location: Lake Mills This was a tragedy that is all the more tragic because it could have been prevented. Hopefully this horrible accident can raise awareness to the dangers of traveling on the ice, and ultimately save the life of another. May they not have died in vain. The families have our thoughts and prayers.

Posted by: D Location: Johnson Creek Much thanks to Lake Mills Fire, Lake Mills EMS, Watertown Fire, Jefferson EMS, Fort Hospital ER and their Paramedic staff, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and Jefferson County Dispatch for all their help on the incident.

Posted by: C Location: Jefferson Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families, we know the woman's family and irregardless if it was a bad judgement call to cross the river, lives were lost, and it's a terribly sad situation.

Posted by: Anonymous Location: Fort Atkinson They should know better. That river is never all that safe.
Ice Rescue Training Photos


Silbs said...

Geez, this seems to be an annual thing in Wisconsin. Didn't anyone notice that the temps were approaching 30 degrees? It happens every year. Sad

Kristen said...

Real bummer.