Monday, December 10, 2007

Kids and stuff

Busy weekend with the cherubs. We hit the ground running with two showings of the Shorewood Showcase. ( at least 6 young performers that should try out for American Idol), one 7 year old birthday party ( Morgan - niece), a family gathering at the local bowling ally and last and least the moving of all our Mid-America Xtreme adventure gear to the new storage facility in Johnson's Creek.
It's a wonder I got the girls to sit for this photo.
Charts arrived for the Everglades Challenge on Saturday... thank goodness. Need to see where we are headed and do some route planning. Mid December already... crazy how fast time is going bye.
Status Report
I did manage to get in a couple of good weekend workouts... good upper body on Saturday and a good lower body on Sunday... and none of it included shovelling, whew!!

Give peace a chance / Give a piece of cake a chance - Not in our household. Still pushing maximum density and law enforcement has charged me with fabric abuse. Damn!!

Pass the gravy - The Capt'n


Kristen said...

Fabric abuse? Are you putting those winter woollies on hot wash again, Brian?

What charts did you end up with?

Silbs said...

Ah, fond memories of photographing daughters...seems like yesterday.