Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Here is a nice shot looking south at the take-out at Mesick, on the Manistee River. Not that any of the challengers would see it, as everyone was in after dark.

Marissa and I took a cruise up river and enjoyed the late afternoon sun. The Manistee is a wonderful river. I would say we were a week or two late for peak color season, but we were still able to catch colors like this.

We came upon this old train bridge. What is it about bridges and water? Why do they hold so much fascination? We'll keep paddling till we figure it out.

We worked our way back home to Wisconsin in the pre-dawn light. Had this photo opportunity at a rest stop. You get a neat perspective if you rotate this photo 180 degrees.

Tuesday showed promise. Sunny and warm. Temps were in the 60's. Quick call to Mark from Kruger and off to the put-in on Rock Lake.

Water temperature has drop dramatically. I would say in the high 40's. Time to break out the paddling booties and cold water gear. I hugged the shoreline to play it safe today as I was in shorts and a tee-shirt. Not prepared for the 40 degree water. When I say hugging the shore, I mean hugging the shore within 10 feet, waist deep water. Am I going to tip, doubtful, but why take a chance especially when you are paddling alone.

I haven't heard much more on the news, but they did find a floating kayak and life jacket about 900 yards off shore on Lake Michigan a few days back. No paddler to be found. Maybe this has a better ending, just haven't heard.

You have to know your limitations... manage the risks. Always lean on the side of caution. There is a great group of cold water paddlers out of the Milwaukee Sea-kayakers group. Shari from the group at Laacke and Joys is putting on a cold water paddling course. If you are interested in paddling around in the late fall and early winter months. I would suggest a course like this to get your paddle wet.

Paddle safe, paddle prepared - The Capt'n

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Kristen said...

Stay warm, Brian! And safe - need to teaching Boo good habits now!