Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Gazetteer not required

Funny how after reading of adventure on the web, I had to get out and paddle. Woke up "O" Dark 30, a balmy 58 degrees, wind calm and not a ripple on the pond.

Yep that is blue water and green grass. Not the expectant brown dried out dead stuff you get from a blazing hot summer. I suspect we had the fall turn over on the lake. The lake went crystal clear.

Mystery of Rock Lake

Rock Lake is in south central Wisconsin, at Lake Mills, in Jefferson County approximately 20 miles east of Madison. It is 87 feet at its deepest point.

There is much controversy regarding its underwater pyramids and research is ongoing to discover the significance of what appear to be man made structures.

The largest pyramid known as the Limnatis Pyramid is 18 feet tall and has a base width of 60 feet. The pyramids are built of rock and black Stone. There appears to be a plaster covering. Very little has emerged from the depths of the lake to provide any real insight into the mystery, but it deserves exploration.

A great paddle. Nobody on the water. Lots of gulls, geese ducks and the mysteries of Rock Lake to keep me company.

It gets a little freaky when you paddle over the headless horseman pyramid, in the dark, without your blanky. - The Capt'n


ThereAndBackAgain said...

I see you in the bottom picture:>
Is that a clock face in the upper picture?

Capt'n "O" Dark 30 said...

Hey TABA no... just out on the water in the sea wind hugging the shoreline..paddle paddle... got my eye on you for the UFC!!