Sunday, September 9, 2007

Rock Lake paddle

Getting ready for a paddle on Rock Lake. Marissa and I take two different types of boats out for her to compare and see what she likes better. The wind was non-existent which is perfect for paddling with kids. You got to keep it fun and full of adventure.

We got out on Saturday for an hour or so. Marissa does a test ride in the Azul and Bell Yellowstone. No boat waves enhances the experience.

The Azul is a pretty quick kayak. Marissa makes it look easy. She is using a Epic Comp paddle.

The crowds on the water have really dropped off after the Labor Day weekend. We are thinking of putting in a few hours tomorrow. I wonder which boat she'll paddle?

We did a quick spin on Rock Lake up to the Sandy Bar Restaurant. Grabbed a snack and paddled back. But not before we talked adventure and switched out boats.

We traded boats so she could feel the difference between different types of boats. Marissa swings a pretty good single blade paddle as well.

Here Marissa paddles the Bell Yellowstone with the kayak paddle. She kept it moving pretty good, but said she liked paddling the Azul over the Yellowstone.

The jury is in. Marissa likes the Azul with the kayak blade. If the wind comes up tomorrow I will put her in the Sun Velocity. It is a shorter boat with a rudder. Not nearly as fast but the rudder will keep the fun meter high.

Let's do it - The Capt'n

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