Saturday, September 8, 2007

Kruger Challenge 2007 - Reflections

The Kruger Challenge 2007 is scheduled for Saturday, October 27. The challenge is to complete 100 miles on the Big Manistee River within 24 hours. This river is located in northern lower Michigan. This is a rain or shine event.

The section of the Big Manistee River selected for this event runs from the Manistee River Bridge State Forest Campground, 7.3 miles west of Grayling, MI (M-72 Bridge campground), down to the Veterans Memorial Park at Mesick, MI (M-115 Bridge). This is a self-supported trip. You are responsible for your own safety, shuttle, and assume all risks and responsibility.

We will be camped Friday, October 26th at the starting point. The challenge begins at 6:00 AM sharp. This is a no cost event. The moon will appear full on the 26th, so if we're fortunate to have light cloud cover on Saturday night, the night paddle will be even more pleasant. Contact Jack Cramer at or Mark Przedwojewski at for more info.

Some handy details:

The starting point is located on M-72, 7.3 miles west of Grayling, MI.

This event is free. Pre-registration is required so we can arrange for parking at the finish. E-mail and let us know you're going to paddle this event. All types of paddle craft are welcome. The river current at this time of year is slow to moderate and is considered easy. No rapids. No portage. It's best if you have some night river paddling experience prior to entering this event. Bring a bright light.

Many camp spots are found along this stretch of river if you decide to make it an over night trip. 100 miles is a long way. Bring minimal camping gear. Expect to take a full 24 hours to complete this event. Bring plenty of ready to eat food and at least 2 gallons of water per person. Bring at least two changes of clothes, one set to change into if you tip in and one set of warmer items for the night paddle. Standard safety gear is advised: PFD, rain gear, safety whistle, fire starter kit, hypothermia kit, first aid kit, cell phone, river & road map, compass, walking shoes, and a great attitude.

You are responsible for your shuttle, safety, and all risk. To finish this event within 24 hours, you will paddle in the dark. A bright light is handy.

Camping at the Manistee River Bridge State Forest Campground will require a fee of $15/day. No reservations. Water is available. Pit toilets only. If you leave a vehicle there, you will have to pay the daily fee. No boat launch fee.

Parking at the finish, the Veterans Memorial Park on M-115 at Mesick, MI is prohibited except by permission of the Mesick, MI Lions Club. We will arrange for this permission. No fee will be charged for this parking. Security of your parked vehicles is your responsibility. No facilities are located at the finish. The town of Mesick, MI is one minute drive time from the finish.


Looking back at the MR340 I found this great picture taken by Brian Hopkins.

The beauty, the solitude, the adventure. The MR340 - The Capt'n

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