Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What's happening

Lunar eclipse

"O" dark 30 walk in the woods.

The eclipse was something to behold. We got up early and headed out to the Waterloo River Basin and watched the transition as the earth shadowed the moon… an amazing event.

Scout was un-impressed as he darted around chasing anything and everything. Laura had wished she took me up on getting her a coffee. I swatted the state bird—mosquito; being chemically dependant and forgetting the bug spray.

Marissa took a pass on the event and hunkered down under a pile of stuffed animals and comforters and slept in.

Paddling conditions locally

Water levels are very high and at flood stage around the state. Many lakes have a no wake posting. Should make for a good algae free paddle with Laura this weekend…

Many of the rivers we paddle slow down during the waning summer months. Lots of lily pads and algae appear. A bit of scouting this past weekend showed a good flow of water on the Oconomowoc River.

There have been many cancellations of MadCityPaddlers paddling trips as well. Especially the creek and small river venues offered during the week. Better safe then sorry with a collective group new to experienced paddlers.


Two for Tuesday burgers and beer... now were talking - The Capt'n

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