Thursday, August 30, 2007

Around the World In Ten

Ironmen in their wooden ships

A single handed race around the world in ten foot boats

It has never been done before so these guys will be sailing into the history books to be the smallest boats to circumnavigate the globe.

The goal is to beat world record set in 1987 by Serge Testa in his 11ft 10in boat “Acrohc Australis”

OK… game on! Here it is, probably the most outrageous event I have come across in small boat challenges.

This is no hoax. No gimmic. This is the real deal. If you have ever gotten your rudder wet, you may recognize some of the icons of small-boat adventuring.

Stay tuned as I will be following along. My only hope is that my good friend J.T. (Beezer) is reading this and is secretly building a boat for the event. Follow along at Around the World in Ten

“All things are possible” – Verlen Kruger

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