Monday, August 6, 2007

Weekend warriors

Went camping with Emily and Marissa this past weekend. Never got a boat in the water. The rain came in fast and furious. A poorly placed tent and improper rain fly configuration makes for a very wet and soggy experience. Spent the better part of Sunday morning at a local laundry drying out gear and sleeping bags. We had gotten lazy and just threw the flys over for the dew. But the thunderstorms rolled in and we got drenched.

Managed to get in a game of mini-golf, listen to some whacked music at Riverfest and grilled burritos over an open fire. I ate so many smores I am still feeling the effects of all the sugar

5 days till we leave for the Quetico for a week of paddling and camping. Looks like it's Laura and I, as the rest of the gang has bailed out for one reason or another. Which makes logistics and planning much easier. But we'll miss their company.

Marissa before the rain came. The last of the smiles for the weekend.

"A rainy camp weekend with your kids, shows no mercy" - The Capt'n

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Silbs said...

Stop spending all your money on kayaks and buy that girl some new jeans :) Style, you gotta love it.