Friday, August 3, 2007

MR 340 the after

The start - River John on the bottom in red Sea Wind - Alan and us top right - photo Connie

When Mark and I were closing in to the finish, I told a story about two of my best friends and how we met. I ended the story by, " I wouldn't be surprised if these to characters were at the finish when we arrived."

Low and behold, there they were. Mike Polzin and Tom Grow. Camera and champagne in hand. These two took us under their wing, They got our boat up and secure on shore, took us shopping for clothes (as our stuff was in a vehicle that had not yet arrived). Got us checked into a hotel, fed us and joined us for a fabulous meal. What a great way to end the challenge. Bestest friends in the whole world!!

We had Friday and Saturday to mill around and meet the racers as they came in. Awesome to hear their tales. I have fond memories of the Trail-Head Brewery just up the road. I sat down with Wayne and Ann from Team Huki and heard their story first hand. Unbelievable accounting. What an adventure that was.

Mark caught a ride back to Kansas to retrieve the Team Kruger Van. Laura arrived and joined in our celebration of teams arriving. We met up with Dawn and Alan later in the evening and had a wonderful meal at a restaurant called "Canoe". Very fitting. Very relaxing and very enjoyable.

Funny things I am starting to recall:
Don't set you tent up on a bunny nest. The little ones tend to get nervous and send your dog into a tizzy.

Nicknames - they are wonderful... A new one came up for some one "Cabin Boy" hmmm who could that be?

In a world of supplex nylon and self inflating mattresses--- Long live the blue jean and foam egg carton sleep system. - You go John boy!

The End - or the beginning - The Capt'n


Silbs said...

I hope we will get to hear some of those stories you were talking about.

Kristen said...

Thanks for the tales, Brian!