Friday, August 24, 2007

Portage paddle and drag

We had great sunrises on our journey through the Quetico Park. Here is a shot as we were getting ready to break camp for a very long day of paddling a portaging.

Water levels on the lakes were great. There were no fire ban in the Quetico, but the rivers that interconnected some of the lakes on our map turned into a boat pull and drag.

Here is an example of what turned into a boat drag. Two hours of shear hell allowed us to find beautiful spots like this beaver dam.

Finally a little open water. dead tired, we were on the hunt for a campsite. It was easy to make claim, when we came across this golden eagle nesting in a tree.

This was an outrageous find. We spent hours watching this golden eagle. He was a proud confident very dominant fellow.

Take a look at the size of the nest to the left. A juvenile eagle came into the nest and didn't set well with the larger eagle we caught on camera. They both were very vocal. It appeared the larger eagle was throwing the younger bird out of the nest (home) and the younger bird didn't want to go. It spite of our encroachment into their world... parenting had to be done.

Make it happen - The Capt'n

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