Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Paddle paddle paddle

Very windy over the weekend, would have been some good training to windward bashing waves, but never got a chance to get out on the water.

Saturday we did a lot of hiking with the girls and dog, managing to go out for dinner allot and enjoy the nice weather.

Sunday was prep day and Monday found me bum-side up at the Doc's for the ole colonoscopy. I don't think you are supposed to wake up in the middle of it, but that is another story for another blog, which will never be written...

Today Tuesday, I got in an hour and a half on the Crawfish river working on technique. After work I will do some interval training for an hour or so.

My paddling has become more focused. Each day going out has to have a purpose. Either building. maintaining or recovering. The Misery 340 is approaching very quickly. I felt very strong this morning and the boat felt like it was really moving well through the water.

Paddle, paddle paddle - Manitucruiser

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Kristen said...

Oh, to be your medic!