Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Boys got it going on

Tybee 500 - never heard of it. But it is on my radar now. The boys from Team RAF also known as Team Velocity have their hands full as the compete in the Tybee 500. Very exciting event. Check it out.
Weekend looks good for some paddling. The plan is to go long. How long, not sure but there are lots of options. Heading up with Bill to paddle the Black River.
Keep it moving - Verlen Kruger


Silbs said...

I had to scan the webs you listed before realizing I was looking at a cat on its port hull with a red luffing jib. If that thing had wings it would fly.

Alan said...

Thanks for the mention and picture! Team RAF was an EC Team. Team Velocity is just me (Alan/SOS) and my friend Trey Brown. I guess I should start training for the Misery 340 now. heheh