Thursday, May 24, 2007

Great morning - again

Where the heck am I? The Bahamas?
The weather has been outstanding. Light breeze in the morning to keep the bugs down to a manageable hum, Glass like conditions and temperatures in the mid 70’s… perfect!

The Captain of the “O” Dark 30 lives as I was on the water before the sun came up. Another 2 hour paddle before work with some speed work thrown in… Paddled the Rock river in between Jefferson and Fort Atkinson. Not a soul on the water, but a few ducks and geese.

Alert the media! Marissa (daughter 10yrs. old) has a sleep over birthday party and Emily (daughter 15 years old) is stepping up to paddle the Mad City Paddlers’ 3 day paddle on June 8th 9th and 10th. With me!! This in un-presented – I wonder if she knows she can’t paddle with a cell phone stuck to her ear?

Emily says she reads my paddle blog. We’ll soon see. :-) – The Capt’n

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